Situated in Translation

Global Media and Cultural Practices

HfbK Hamburg

18.05.2017 bis 20.05.2017


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Processes of media transformation are of central concern in the arts, in popular culture, and in the media industry as well as media studies. The Hamburg-based research group Translating and Framing.

Practices of Medial Transformations uses an innovative praxeological approach, by conceptualizing perception and appropriation as forms of “translating” and “framing.” The aim is to build on existing theories toward an expanded media studies, combining research on the arts, media and cultural studies, as well as the social sciences.

The interdisciplinary group, established in 2015, consists of seven research projects led by scholars of Universität Hamburg and the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg (HfbK). The second international conference brings together scholars and practitioners working in philosophy, media, and performance and cultural studies whose interventions focus on dynamic processes of cultural transformation in a global context. Taking as our starting point the notion that culture is produced in an ongoing, reciprocal process of framing and translation, we have specifically invited contributions that broaden existing concepts of framing and translating, for instance, by focusing on such diverse phenomena as inter-medial and cross-cultural translations and hybridizations.

The spectrum covers a broad range of media including the body and its movement, voice, literature, film, web series, and graphic novels. Pushing beyond traditional notions of media production and reception, we are asking instead in what ways are media not only always already framed and translated expressions of specific, mostly Western cultures, but what other, non-Western and frequently unseen and unheard ways of framing and translating are there?

Situated in Translation: Global Media and Cultural Practices is the International Annual Conference of the Research Group Translating and Framing.

Practices of Medial Transformations (Speaker: Gabriele Klein, Deputy Speaker: Claudia Benthien).

The Research Group is founded by the Landesforschungsförderung of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg | Ministry of Science, Research and Equalities


Concept & Organisation:
Astrid Böger, Michaela Ott, Thomas Weber

Heike Lüken | Universität Hamburg | Institute of Human Movement Science / Culture, Media and Society 20∂48 Hamburg | Turmweg 2 Telephone +49 40 42838-9160

Conference Venue:
Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK) Hamburg 22081 Hamburg | Lerchenfeld 2