Improvisation. Philosophical Re-Scriptions

Tagung / Konferenz / Symposium

Maschinenhaus Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Knaackstrasse 97

12.07.2018 bis 12.07.2018


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A conference with discussions, workshops and concerts.
Eine Tagung mit Diskussionen, Workshops und Konzerten.

Improvisation: Philosophical Re-Scriptions is a conference organized by Sandeep Bhagwati (matralab, Concordia University) and Dieter Mersch (Institute for Critical Theory, Zurich Hochschule der Künste).


For two days, we will bring together 25 improvising musicians and philosophers interested in improvisation to discuss questions about the existential roles and conditions of improvisation. Every now and then, the talking will be contextualized by live-improvisation.